Friday, August 15, 2008

Yokosuka Japan and PT with the Chiefs

On 17 and 18 July I was back in Yokosuka. It had been just over a year since I left Japan and it was great to be back amongst the heart of the Navy’s Forward Deployed Naval Forces in Japan. Here I had another chance to PT with well over 100 Chiefs on the new Yokosuka artificial turf field. We had a great session followed by a short run and then an opportunity to talk briefly with the gathered mess.

I visited with Sailors from the USS PROVIDENCE, STETHEM, MUSTIN, COWPENS, SHILOH and BLUE RIDGE before meeting with the advance party of the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON.

While talking with the local Japanese outside the fence line, they are very excited about the arrival of the GEORGE WASHINGTON later this summer early fall.

Walked through the “Honch” one evening and met a Sailor from the MUSTIN who was there with his new bride and actually had his parents visiting from Boston. I spoke briefly with he and his folks and told them how proud we were to have their son stationed at the tip of the spear there in Japan. Can not state it enough, how incredibly proud I am of all our Sailors and service members who volunteer to defend this great country and then ship-out and serve far from home. So many of our Shipmates sacrifice much being forward deployed that others may never know unless you’ve been there and done that. P.O. Finn, thanks for your service Shipmate and doing what you’re doing! I’m proud of you.

Sail safe Shipmates! Fleet sends.


Anonymous said...

Seeing all of those CPOs in the New PTU, was wondering what their thoughts were of it and how they have addressed their sailors concerns with it.

Mooring Lines said...

Great question. Their comments were not 100% in favor of the uniform across the board. Some had no issue with it, others had issues with various parts of it.

As you know (or may not), our job as Chief's is in fact to take our Sailors concerns and voice them up the Chain Of Command. This has been done throughout our Navy most recently with the PTU. An updated uniform is being developed and hopefully we'll see it later this year.
Regarding the uniform, I would ask that nobody cut out the liner of the shorts. If it doesn't fit, take it back. Try it on before walking out of the uniform shop.
I like the color, I've always been a fan of the Navy's Blue and Gold and think it looks very sharp as a group of Sailors are PT'ing together.